Android Market on POV MobII tegra 10″ Tablet (updated)

A few days ago I bought a Point of View Android based Tablet. The device has a nVidia Tegra 2 chipset and is capable of playing HD content. The Point of View MobII basically is a rebranded Advent Vega Tablet with some extras.

Since I have a HTC Desire Android based smartphone I wanted to install the apps that I already knew like, for example, Angry Birds, YouTube, K9 mail, Skype, WinAmp, etc. I was really pissed off to find out that the Market app is not available on the POV MobII tablet but instead has the AndroidPit market build-in. Thank god for the Internet, there is a workaround available ;-) I found the solution on a Dutch forum, click on this link.

What you need to do to get the Market working

Download a zip file called from, this is the same link the AppDownload application will open. The Android Forum tab contains a link to the market update, this will open an anoying site that requires you to wait for 60secs for the file to download. I`ve uploaded the file to my DropBox account you can download it here directly.

I copied the zip file to a MicroSD card and inserted the SD card into the tablet. Make sure NOT to extract the files and install the .apk files manually, this wont work. It is also not necessary to root the device! Just put the downloaded zip on the MicroSD card.

Once the ZIP is on the MicroSD card and the card is inserted into the table, go the to the device Settings and then select to the Software Tool. Select the Software Update option and point to the file. The device will now reboot and apply the software update. After the reboot you have a working Market.

Market Fix
I have already installed most of the apps I know from my Android Phone. On a side note, not all the apps are compatible with the tablet resolution, I also noticed that some apps are not available in the store. This will get you most missing apps from the market, except some “protect market apps”

Setting–>Manage Applications–>All–>Market (Clear Cache then ‘Force Stop’ — DO NOT clear data)
Setting–>Manage Applications–>All–>Google Services Framework (Clear data then ‘Force Stop’)

REBOOT again

After the reboot you can download Google Maps and Gmail right from the market.

Advent Vega internals
Since the PoV and Advent Vega are identical, check out the following page if you want to view the internals of your PoV MobII. Warning, opening the device is at own risk:

Also make sure to check out the latest version of the firmware:

Update (2)
Make sure to check out the great work of MoDaCo who build a ROM for the Advent Vega. This device is hardware identical to the Point of View. Try installing this ROM (at your own risk) if you want to get the Google Services working like Market, Calendar etc. Check out this forum.


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  1. thanks says:


  2. claire reynolds says:

    Thank u thank u thank u i have been trying for a week to get market on my tab and finally have done it thanks to u,thank u thank u lol

  3. Emanuel says:

    I treid every thing what you rithen but it whont work on my pov tegra 10.I have android 2.2 instaled on it.Have any other sugestions how may i make it work.Sory aboute the english im from Croatia.

  4. jan says:


    the file you put in your box is not a zip file , i downloaded it but wen i update market it wil not open

    and there is no connection to the site of
    freed maybe you can sent me the file by mail ?? or put a zip file in your drop box

    thanks anyway
    regards Jan van Stratum

  5. Johan says:

    I used some of your tips with succes….tank You

  6. antonio rabanal says:

    In espanish

  7. milanslovakia says:

    I respect the whole process and came with me the following problem

    As soon as I launched the first restart does not start the tablets.

    What do I do that I could run the tablet?

  8. Nowak_SI says:

    It works… Thx a lot for tips… Respect :) .

  9. Flip says:

    Thanks a lot!!

  10. hollander says:

    Heb je dit doc. ook in het nederlands..??

  11. Tihomir says:

    After firmware update from PoV site
    GooglePlay didn’t work.

    Downloaded your .zip file, followed instructions, tablet restarted, linked it to my google account again and all is working well. Just updated some applications.

    Note: Before firmware update I did application backup and restored them all after. Not sure if this have some influence on anything.


  12. Peanut says:

    I put the .zip file on a sd card and I ran the file, my screen went black for 20 minutes so I restarted and now all I get is a black screen…

  13. yves says:

    Hi there, the POV support team sent me to this page. I’m having 2 problems that I can’t fix:

    1. my screen sensitivity is totally off! I need to calibrate it because it recognizes my touch whenever it feels like it and it wasn’t like that. I can’t find where to do this or an app to do it. help please?

    2. Can’t play youtube videos.