SABnzbd Windows Service installer script

I really like the new SABnzbd 0.6 version, works like a charm. Since they are actively updating it I was doing the service install step manually each time after updating my SABnzbd installation. But more than once I forgot how to register the service and especially that the -f argument needs a path and not a exe file as an argument. Thats why I created a script that does this for me. Want to use the script, create a file called service-installer.cmd, and put the following content in it:

@echo off 
cd %~dp0 
net stop SABHelper 
net stop SABnzbnd 
SABnzbd-helper.exe remove 
SABnzbd-service.exe remove 
SABnzbd-service.exe -f %~dp0 install 
SABnzbd-helper.exe install 
net start SABnzbd 

Now run the script, thats all!

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